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Finally the great day has come ….

The Gallery, c / Arbolantxa, 6 (in front of the Albia building), Thursday 15 June – 20.00 hours.

… and there were a lot of friends opening with me the exhibition “art to live” and also giving the “kick off” to my new artistic proposal and website.

The best thing is to see the environment that was created, as a large family wanted to accompany me on that important day, a lot of friends who enjoyed the exhibition and then with the great cocktail prepared by my friend Angel Albatros Restaurant.

We did not miss our great bloggers, a dozen friends that day by day move the social networks informing trends, fashion, events and everything that suggests interest for their followers and followers. … “Thanks girls for being once again the best speaker for my artistic proposal.”

Another person who has helped me a lot in the diffusion and change of brand is my friend Olga Zulueta, who is always ready to enhance the art and design and who helped me in the diffusion of this exhibition.

Great surprise and tremendous illusion to have the presence of the great teacher Javier Barroeta Aldama. For me it was an honor to receive him and to prove to a great professional my proposal of art-textile.

What to say of Angel Albatros Restaurant, which served us the best cocktail creating that familiar atmosphere that only occurs at home and that every time receives more public and friends who know how to make “pineapple”.

I was also accompanied by many people who from institutions such as Bilbao Ekintza have helped me in the transformation of my brand, advising me to give my brand a greater potential and a greater media presence.

And the rest, friends, friends, more friends, more friends who wanted to accompany me on a very special day for me.

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