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Hello everyone. I want to use this first post on my blog to introduce myself to all those people who do not know me yet or who associate me with the brand that I promoted for five years under the name of “vasechauncuadro”.

My name is Maite Cobo, I grew up and trained academically in Germany. After finishing my studies as a technical draftsman, I returned to Bilbao where I formed my family and completed my studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Basque Country.

In my artistic growth research work is of great importance, which has led me in recent years to experiment with my works on the most varied supports.

Here begins a new and exciting artistic project in my life, which I would like to share with all of you, under the motto.

“Art to live” I will inform you of the different ways we have to enjoy art.

I invite you to follow me and I would love to know your opinions, concerns, interests, etc … to be able to make this space a meeting place for people interested in art.

See you a kiss!

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